This Sequel is No Injustice

This review contains spoilers for Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2

Injustice 2 main cover

As far as conflict goes, Superheroes are always in the midst of it, so when the worlds most powerful superhero decides that He is done playing savior, and starts playing Judge, jury, and executioner, you can imagine the conflict that is going to ensue, or did ensue. Injustice 2 takes place after the events of Injustice: Gods among us, in the alternate DC Comics universe where the Joker tricked Superman into killing Louis lane and their child. After Superman killed the Joker, he proceeded to attempt to take over the world, and it was up Batman and a team of Superheroes from the original DC universe to take him down. Now, with Superman defeated and imprisoned in one of the most secure facility on the planet, and with the His arch nemesis Joker in the morgue, there isn’t much left for billionaire Bruce Wayne to do but try to slowly rebuild society.

Of course it isn’t too long before another threat to humanity emerges. A large skull-like space ship appears over Earths atmosphere, carrying the traveling intelligence collector, Brainiac, who is fully bent on absorbing the entire world into his digital library of the universe, where he can study humanity for the rest of eternity. Of course, that also means dooming all citizens of Earth to extinction. So it’s up to Batman and his team of old heroes and newly turned villains to put a stop to him, Before Earth ceases to exist.

Brainiac Cover Photo.jpg


Injustice 2 does a great job of keeping what was great about the first game, while adding new items like costumes, character experience, and The Multiverse. The game comes with a very in-depth story, a great roster of playable characters that range from quick hitting speedsters (The Flash) to heavy hitting tanks (Bane). Combat is simplified to 3 buttons (Square, Triangle, and X for PS4, and X, Y, and A for Xbox one) for light, medium, and heavy attacks that can be easily combined to unleash devastating combos.

Every character also has a unique “Character Power” that is activated by the 4th button (O for PS4, B for Xbox One). These powers range from summoning bat-a-rangs,  slowing time, or even summoning murderous Hyenas to attack your opponent. While each Character is unique, I felt that it is extremely easy to pick up a controller and play. Even when I had some friends over (a few of which are not gamers), they were easily able to pick up the game and play, even beating me a few times, even though I had been playing multiple hours before.

Introducing: The Multiverse

In order to keep tabs on the other Meta Humans on Earth, Batman created a supercomputer named “Brother Eye” that can predict and track super powered beings throughout the universe. What Bruce wasn’t expecting was Brother Eye’s ability to search alternate realities for threats to mankind’s existence, as well as a few areas for training.

The multiverse is home to multiple towers similar to other fighting games, each ranging in length and difficulty, the more difficult the fight, the higher the reward. Many of the towers have themes, which can provide buffs to either the player or the foe, or stage conditions like electrified floors or falling ice clusters. Each world has a different time set; some Earths are only available for one hour, while others are available for a week. With constant refreshing of earths, this game mode offers practically hours upon hours of new and exciting content.

Injustice 2 Multiverse

Character Growth

One of the new aspects of Injustice 2 is the implication of character growth. Every time that you play with a character, whether your playing campaign, online, or just a 1v1 match against friends. This experiences improves each individual characters strength, defense, health, and other attributes

As you continue throughout the game you can also gain different outfit designs that you can use to customize your favorite characters. Not only do they give a nice aesthetical difference to the original character, but they also offer stat buffs and bonuses which can provide tactical advantages against tougher opponents. They also include different color packs, just in case you want Batman to be wearing his traditional all black.

Throughout the game you will also obtain “Mother Boxes”, chests that contain multiple items ranging from clothing, to special character abilities, to in-game currency. You can obtain the Mother boxes through playing the campaign, completing daily challenges, and finishing Multiverse events. There are five different types of Mother boxes, the higher the value the of the box, the greater the reward, however so is the difficulty.

Injustice 2 motherbox

Final Thoughts

Injustice 2 is a well crafted fighting game involving many beloved characters from the DC comic universe. The Software works smoothly, and the combat is rich and inventive. With the addition character customization and leveling, it allows each individual player to uniquely develop their own play style. The player is very evidently able to note the love and care that was placed into this game. With multiple additional characters that have been rumored to be released in the future there is multiple opportunities for this game to become even more enjoyable as time goes on.

Final Score

Story: 8/10 – Well crafted story, great dialogue, only complaint against this would be the length, was able to complete in around 6 hours.

Gameplay: 10/10 – Enjoyable gameplay, multiple characters to choose from with individual stats and abilities, with many hours of mastery required. Several new game modes to keep player occupied after completing the main story.

Controls: 9/10 – Very simple and responsive controls, easy to grasp, and combo completion is simple to master. Only complaint is that the joystick does not always correctly to my imput, could just be human error, but there are multiple times that I have difficulty completing combos.

Investment Level (does not affect overall score):  3/10 – Low investment level due to the ability to easily pick up the controller and play the game. While there are certainly many aspects of the game that require mastery, you can easily pick up the game, play for 15 minutes, then put it down.

Overall Score: 9/10




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