Welcome to My World

Hello! Welcome to the exciting world of video games through my eyes. Unfortunately, due to a busy work schedule and other demands of life, I’m not going to be the most up to date, quick to post bloggers. I’m not one of those professional gamers that has all the time in the world to play every new game on the market, but I do enjoy a great game with a good story, and I want to share my experiences with you.

When I review games, I will review the typical categories: gameplay, story, etc. However, I will also review things with the mind of someone who doesn’t have the ability to sink multiple hours into one gaming session. I call this my “Investment” rating. A higher investment rating means you will need to spend more time during one play session to truly get the most out of a game. Examples of these kinds of games are ones with an immersive story, or RPG’s that require hours of grinding in order to be successful. A lower investment rating indicates that game is easy to pick up and play, then put down and leave, yet still having an enjoyable experience. Some examples of the games are shooters, fighting games, or platformers. story and gameplay will effect this score as well, because who wants to put down the controller when the story is just picking up.

I hope that you enjoy my reviews, and my approach to gaming. Thank you for stopping by, and please enjoy the world of gaming, through the eyes of a working class gamer.


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